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ISTA trains PhD students, postdocs and interns.


Training the next generation

Institute of Science and Technology Austria (ISTA) provides a world-class environment for science and an attractive destination for PhD students, postdocs, and professors from all countries. We are committed to the highest international academic standards, integrity, equality and diversity on campus, as well as respect and recognition for all.

A World-Class Education – The ISTA Graduate School

Educating PhD students is a core mission of ISTA. Our Graduate School offers an interdisciplinary PhD program that supports students to become experts in their fields while fostering communication and collaboration across research groups and disciplines. Graduate students are not just the largest group on campus, they are one of the most diverse, both in terms of nationality and background, and in terms of their experiences during their time at the Institute and their contributions as part of the ISTA community. The Graduate School strives to support PhD students as they follow their many different career paths, and to help them gain the skills they need to succeed.

As the number of graduate students continues to grow—in the future, the Institute expects to admit annual cohorts of around 100 students—the Graduate School will continue to expand and refine its structures as well as its course offerings. This ensures that PhD students receive the best possible support and training. Moreover, the Graduate School works to maintain a sense of community and the willingness to communicate across disciplines while keeping to the high standards set by the Institute’s educational mission.

For more information about the program and instructions on how to apply, please visit the Graduate School website.

A Chance to Grow – Postdocs at ISTA

The years following the completion of their PhD are important ones for young career scientists. ISTA provides postdoctoral fellows with a world-class, multidisciplinary research environment, giving them the resources and opportunity to broaden their experience and deepen their expertise. A postdoc position at ISTA for a duration of up to 5 years gives these scientists the chance to grow professionally, while not yet shouldering the responsibilities of a research group leader. ISTA brings together the faculty, facilities, and support to help postdocs develop the skills necessary for their future careers.

Opportunities at Every Level – Internships at ISTA

Training the next generation does not just mean graduate students: ISTA offers year-round opportunities for bachelor’s and master’s degree students from other institutions to intern in a laboratory or with a research group. An internship is a valuable opportunity which offers students the chance to explore and broaden their interests in science, to learn about the process of conducting research, and to build connections within academia and among their scientific peers.

ISTA runs both a summer internship program and year-round internships. Find out about how to apply here.

Career Services at ISTA

There are many ways to a meaningful career, in and outside of academia. ISTA Career Services inform, advise, and support students and postdocs on career matters. We encourage our young scientists to think about their careers, their goals, and the skills and experience they need to acquire to reach those goals.

ISTA Career Services provide support at every stage of the career development process. Students and postdocs can participate in regularly organized soft skills workshops to broaden their skill sets. They can book one-on-one career meetings to discuss individual questions, and they have access to a comprehensive online portal.

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